[VDI-Guideline-2263, Part 1, ESCIS, booklet 1]


This test determines whether a decomposition reaction or an explosion can be initiated by impacting the sample.


It does not correspond to the test required by the codes for explosives.


The sample under investigation is encased in a die comprising two coaxial steel cylinders one above the other and a hollow cylinder made of steel as a guide ring.


This die, which must contain a specific amount of sample, is placed on an anvil and subjected to the action of different drop weights.


Depending on the test method, six or ten trials are conducted.


If a reaction (smoke, fire, sparks) is observed, the sample must be assessed as impact sensitive.


However, if a detonation (bang) is heard, the product has explosive character and, e.g. must not be milled when dry. In such a case, more exhaustive investigations are necessary.