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The behaviour of e.g.: raw materials, intermediate and final products is a necessary information to guarantee safe unit operations such as grinding, drying, evaporating.
The safety technical behaviour of the materials is basically characterized by the following properties.



Physical properties


Particle size distribution (median value)

Flammability and Burning Characteristics


Combustibility test (Combustion class, CC)

Minimum ignition temperature of a 5mm dust layer (MIT5mm)




Dust Explosion Characteristics


Dust explosibility test in a modified Hartmann apparatus

Lower explosion limit (LEL)

Limiting oxygen concentration (LOC)

Maximum explosion pressure (Pmax) and maximum rate of explosion pressure rise (dp/dt)max

Minimum ignition energy (MIE ≤ 1 J)

Minimum ignition energy (MIE > 1 J)

Minimum ignition temperature of a dust cloud (MITcloud)

Impact sensitivity (Falling hammer test)




Static Electricity


Specific powder resistivity of bulked powder




Thermal Decomposition and Self-Ignition


Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)

Decomposition test (Lütolf dynamic)

Decomposition test dynamic (Grewer air)

Spontaneous decomposition (Deflagration)

Self ignition temperature (Wire Basket isoperibolic)

Decomposition Gas


FireEx companies assist you to select, coordinate and interpret the appropriate laboratory tests, and consequently recommend the necessary technical and organizational safety measures.