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The film “Static Electricity” has been produced to show the current state of scientific and engineering knowledge in this critical area.


Although filmed in 1978, the basic lessons to be learnt are just as applicable today.


It shows controlled simulations of the effects of static electricity discharges, designed to mimic real workplace conditions.


This practical guidance is in a readily understandable form and is of particular benefit to engineers, scientists, designers, insurers and administrators, as well as others new to the subject.


It demonstrates clearly the principles of static electricity and also explains the physical significance of such key concepts as: charge, potential, field strength, capacitance and resistivity.


The principles of electrostatics are then visually illustrated by examples of real applications in industrial situations.


The best practices shown in the film are based on experience gained in numerous plants around the world. They show how the risks from electrostatic charges can be significantly reduced.


Particular focus is given in describing real and practical measures which can be implemented during chemical plant operations.


As a result, the plant management can then define concrete precautionary measures for many situations.


In industry practice, the following basic preventative measures have proven to be most important. Clearly, how they are applied depends on specific workplace conditions:· Wear conductive footwear and clothing,· Earth all conductors,· Prevent and reduce charging by use of conductive materials,· Do not use plastic containers or bags in the presence of flammable gases or vapors,· Keep conveying speeds low,· Blanket with inert gas.




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