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Constructional explosion protection measures are always required whenever the goal of avoiding explosions through the application of preventive measures cannot be reached with an ample margin of safety.

On the DVD, which is a co-production between FireEx Consultant Ltd. and the Professional Association of the Chemical Industry, the current state of the art of the constructional explosion protection is shown by practical examples.

In detail are:

- Explosion resistant design

- Explosion pressure venting and

- Explosion Suppression.


Additionally the transmission of explosions in other components or operating rooms must always be prevented by explosion-technical isolation. This can take place for example through:

- Self-actuated isolation devices or

- Externally-actuated isolation systems.


The effectiveness of the different protective measures are impressively represented and pointed out by animations, explosion and functional tests. Professional application is pointed out by examples, making no claim to be complete.


Furthermore additional information and technical documentations of protective systems are on the DVD.


The representation addresses planners, manufacturers and operators of endangered plants, coworker of supervisory authorities and inspection stations. Representatives of the accident and property insurers, security responsible personnel as well as students are in these fields.




Protection fee: 150,00

Shipping cost: 8,00