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A modern protective measure is the explosion suppression in combination with explosion isolation.


An advantage of the explosion suppression, in comparison with explosion venting, is that it can be applied against explosions with toxic characteristics.


The efficacy of the protective measure explosion suppression has been tested for years under explosion conditions. In addition, the discharge characteristic of the extinguishing powder from the different suppressors was also studied.


The start of an explosion will be detected by a sensor at an early stage and the explosion suppressed at the starting phase, when the development of the flame is still small. To see this better, the effectiveness of the explosion suppression is demonstrated in an open field.


A sufficient extinguishing powder quantity and an optimum distribution are an important pre-condition for successful explosion suppression.


The protective effect and the design of the explosion suppression were tested and confirmed in different size vessels.


Explosion suppression in combination with explosion isolation is an ecological protection measure and in agreement with today technical standards. This measure will guarantee a safe future for industry special in densely populated areas. Examples on the DVD show this very clearly.


All the equipment shall be planned, built and operated according to the latest standard of technology in order to ensure that fire and explosion hazards are controllable. Only in a safe work environment industry, the employees will achieve the highest efficiency and develop a positive attitude towards their jobs.




Protection fee: 45,00

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